How to choose the best electric toothbrush?

Personal hygiene is one of the most important parts of every one’s personality. Under all circumstances, the hygiene of your teeth play a very vital impact on your personality and this is the reason electric toothbrushes have become not only a very smart but also a very effective way to maintain teeth healthy. This is the reason almost every second household in a developed country wants to know how to choose best electric toothbrush. There are certain preset criterions that once settled in your mind can lead you to the perfect toothbrush without a fuss.

Things to consider choosing the best electric toothbrush


While thinking of buying any thing, the first thing that matters is the budget. The same goes when you want exactly to know how to choose electric toothbrush. Most of the electric toothbrushes, for example Oral B Precision, are sold between $8 to $200. This is what decides that what quality, features and performance you can expect from the brush. A simple low cost toothbrush would certainly work for a first few days, but no longer than that. Just make sure you do not go for the low priced one, because its just a waste of money. Keep you budget around $50 to $100 for a good quality brush that would certainly return you results more than your expectations.

Size ih the brush

The second thing that matters the most for any electric toothbrush is the size of the brush and the hardness of the bristles. As most of the good quality electric toothbrushes are made to brush 2-3 minutes, brushing your teeth with a brush that is larger than your teeth size and has hard bristles would severely harm the enamel of the teeth and make your gums sensitive. This is certainly something that you are not expecting from your any brush. Most of the brush makers sell brushes in different head sizes and in varying hardness of the bristles.


Another important element that needs consideration while buying an electric brush is the accessories, features and cost over time. Some of the good quality brushes come with extra replaceable heads but many do not. This may become very irritating if you are not able to find the replacement heads in future. If replacement heads are not with the pack, just make sure that you can easily find them from stores nearby. Also ensure that the brush has brushing duration setting for user convenience. Most people would like to go for a rotating toothbrush rather than the pulsating one.


Lastly in choosing the best electric toothbrush are two very important elements, the battery timing and the warranties. Where there are rechargeable electric toothbrushes there are also the ones that need their batteries to be replaced. The ones that come with rechargeable battery cost a little higher than the ones that require battery replacement, but they are more cost effective over time. In addition to this, warranties also matter a lot. Of course you do not want to spend $100 over a brush, come home, open to use it and find it not working and not having a way to get your money back. It is better being careful ahead of time rather then regretting it later.

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