Colon cleansing and its dangers

18th February 2015 affwebs 0

Have you ever wondered how colon cleansing becomes so popular nowadays and maybe you are looking for information on trendy methods such as supplements intakes, the use of laxatives, or visiting a well known colon […]


How to get rid of Intestinal parasites?

14th February 2015 affwebs 0

Let’s talk about parasite cleanse. What’s living inside your body? Have you ever questioned yourself about that? There can be more than 100 different kinds of parasitic worms living inside every individual’s body. Other’s are […]


How Beneficial is Liver Detox Diet?

10th February 2015 affwebs 0

Let’s talk about liver detox diet. The initiative in performing detoxification comes from the fear that different toxins are continuously attacking our bodies. These toxins are the chemicals that are potentially harmful to our health. […]


Complete guide to detox your body

9th February 2015 affwebs 0

People today are exposed to different kinds of toxins and chemicals that can seriously damage our health, even at low level. The four leading widespread environmental toxins are the lead, trihalomethanes that comes from drinking […]