Oral B 4000

The Oral B SmartSeries is no doubt a bit expensive but if you do the math you will be in profit. The amount of dentist bills you will be saving will be much more than you have spent on the toothbrush. The Oral B 4000 SmartSeries Professional Care toothbrush that is rechargeable is designed to give you a professional cleaning every day. You can deep clean, polish and whiten your teeth with your own tooth brush and this will save you so many trips to the dentist.

Unique and innovative technology ensures plaque removal like never before. The Oral B 4000 is smart in every sense. If you are brushing too hard the pressure sensors of the tooth brush will signal the pulsating motion to stop and you will know that you were not brushing right. Brushing hard can damage your gums and cause bleeding but with this best electric toothbrush you will brush know exactly how to brush your teeth without inflicting any damage.

The Oral B 4000 has a two minute timer to tell you that you have brushed exactly for the right duration of time. Not only that, you will also be signaled after every 30 seconds to move to the other quadrant of the mouth. This ensures that all 4 quadrants of your mouth get equal attention and cleaning. The cleaning action is immaculate and scrupulous. The advanced cleaning action provides 8800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations per minute.

You can brush your teeth in four different modes as per your requirement. The Daily clean is the general mode in which you can get immaculate cleaning every day. The special bristles of the brush head ensure that even the hardest areas to reach are cleaned. The sensitive mode can be turned on when you are brushing the sensitive areas of your mouth or have sensitive gums in general.

The Oral B 4000 is really easy on gums and makes your gums equally healthy. The whitening mode is for removing the stains and giving your teeth the pearly white glow you always wanted. The deep clean mode will give a cleaning that feels just like any professional cleaning.

The Oral B 4000 comes with many different heads so you can have the brush head of your preference. The bristles of the brush heads will fade half way and indicate that it is time to replace the brush head. It is recommended by dentists that you change the brush head after every three months. The Brush comes with a charging station and rechargeable batteries. Once fully charged the battery will last you for 10 days. The LED display on the brush will keep showing how much battery power is left.

The package also includes a travel bag that keeps your toothbrush safe while you are travelling. It also has a portable smart plug charger for travelling. The Oral B 4000 has a two years limited warranty. Regular use of the brush will ensure sparkling white teeth and fewer visits to the dentist. You will feel the freshness you have never felt before.

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