Unwanted hair removal

No No Hair removal reviews

5th February 2015 affwebs 0

If you face the problem of unwanted body hair, you are probably wondering, whether, or not No No Hair Removal works. Is it just a well thought fraud or a revolutionary product indeed? Let us […]

Unwanted hair removal

Home hair removal methods and techniques

3rd February 2015 affwebs 0

Unwanted hair is everywhere and while most women are able to go to a beauty salon for temporary hair removal or permanent hair removal, others need to do it the old-fashioned way with home hair […]

Unwanted hair removal

Laser hair removal reviews from customers

1st February 2015 affwebs 0

If you are still not 100% confident about this treatment, read the following Laser hair removal reviews we received from our customers who used the treatment: Pleased with the Treatment! I paid $1300 for 7 […]

Unwanted hair removal

How does electrolysis hair removal work

29th January 2015 affwebs 0

Electrolysis is an older method of permanent hair removal. It involves destroying each hair follicle one at a time using heat or chemicals. To do this, a needle goes into the follicle, and then the […]

Unwanted hair removal

What is IPL Hair Removal and is it safe?

24th January 2015 affwebs 0

What is IPL Hair Removal? Hair is permanently removed by damaging the hair follicle with energized light pulsation that targets the color of the hair. Hair grows in different phases and thus, 6-10 treatments are […]