Laser hair removal reviews from customers

If you are still not 100% confident about this treatment, read the following Laser hair removal reviews we received from our customers who used the treatment:

Pleased with the Treatment!

I paid $1300 for 7 sessions to have my underarms done with a diode removal system, and to have a full bikini hair removal treatment with YAG. I am only on the 4th session, I am already very pleased with my results so far, and I am not even done with all my treatments. Try it!

The result was AMAZING! I was very happy to find the result I never hoped before I use it. I have thick black hair so I was doubtful that the treatment would work for me but I cannot believe it!

People had told me that having the bikini area treated was the most painful. I advise that you prepare that area with Elma a few hours before the treatment and apply some more just before it happens. Take two painkillers as well and you will not feel a THING! I bite down on my lip or squeeze something in my hand to get through it. Other areas are faster than the bikini area and less sensitive, I could never get through that by willing the pain away! If you have a problem with visible thick black hair like me then you should get this treatment. It really worked for me. Laser is the solution if it is affordable!

I have always wanted to try laser hair removal but could never afford it until I received a coupon for one. So far, I have only gone for about 4 out of 8 treatments and I could not be happier! I have less hair on my upper lip and I would really like to get a full body treatment for all those problematic areas (being a woman, there are lots). I have received such great results from this treatment that I even have my husband jumping on board to get his facial hair removed!

I hit puberty at 11 and ever since then my hair has just grown out of control! It is everywhere and being a 16-year-old girl, I would like to wear skirts when it is hot without having to be embarrassed about my hair covering my legs in layers.

My friend told me about Laser Hair Removal treatment and after about a month of my first session, my hair started falling out! I mean, the treatments did really hurt but maybe painkillers will help. I am not sure but it was totally worth it! I have lost 50% of the hair I had. Thank you Laser treatment!

I went for Laser treatment on my legs and it really does not hurt at all. I am glad to say that the people are professional and now I can wear shorts! It is expensive, but worth the money! It does not hurt; it is more like it irritates the skin. I had to have a test area treated before I could do it to make sure I do not have a weird reaction or anything.

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