Simple steps to improve your memory power


Memory loss may happen to anyone at any point of time in various ways. People may forget various facts which have happened in their life or are crucial to their life. Some may want to to improve memory power to stay ahead of others in this competitive world.

Here are some Simple steps to improve your memory power:

Proper dietary habits to improve memory power
There may be various memory pills or memory boosting drugs available in the market which will provoke the victims, especially students, to go for them. Instead of taking such pills, which may often have side effects, one can go for harmless ways like intake of vitamins, proteins which are stored in food items like fish, leafy vegetables, milk.

Staying away from loud noise and listening to soothing music
If you happen to be surrounded by loud noise most of the time, which harms your eardrums, then memory loss is bound to happen like working in construction sites, mines or if your party in discotheques often. If you want to improve memory power then avoid such loud noise many a time and adhere to listening soft music which appears to be soothing to your ears.

Adequate and sound sleep to improve memory power
To enhance memory power one should get adequate amount of sleep each day I. e. 6-7 hours. The sleep should be calm and peaceful, free from any kind of stress and worry. Avoid too long and too short sleeping hours.

Body and mind
One should have some kind of exercise both physical and mental to keep both body and mind active. One can engage in brain power activities like memory games, solving tricks and puzzles to keep the mind and brain effective. One should also have some amount of physical exercise which will also keep their brain function activeand helps improving memory power.

Avoid excessive stress and long working hours
Whenever any problem arises in your professional or personal life make yourself believe that any kind of problem can be solved by you. This positive self thinking will keep you away from extra stress and anxiety. Try to follow this and you will definitely see an increase your memory power.

Also try to avoid working for long hours at a stretch (if possible). Break-up your working time to provide relaxation to your mind and this will help you to enhance your memory power.

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