4 effective crash diets

Here are some Crash Diets that will help you to lose weight very fast:

Cabbage Soup Diet:

The Cabbage Soup Diet is considered to be one of the oldest diets around to lose weight quickly. This crash diet restricts the dieter to eating only cabbage soup for seven days. The reason why this diet works is that the body takes more time to digest cabbage than getting calories from it so it expends more calories than the intake.

  • The diet plan requires the dieter to eat fruits on the first day along with as much soup they can eat.
  • On the second day, the dieter is allowed vegetables along with cabbage soup.
  • On the third day, they can eat fruits, vegetables and cabbage soup.
  • The fourth day brings with it bananas, skimmed milk and the cabbage soup.
  • The fifth day allows the dieter to eat beef, chicken or fish.
  • On the sixth day, they can eat fruits, vegetables, meat and of course the soup.
  • The seventh day gives the dieter the liberty of eating sugar free juices, vegetables, brown rice and a bowl of cabbage soup.

The recipe of the cabbage soup can vary according to taste of the dieter.


This diet results in a quick loss of weight. The vegetable intake adds bulk to the food and is beneficial for the muscles of digestive system which can grip food easily. When we eat the same food for seven days, our mind is tuned to it so that we can control ourselves afterwards. This plan can result in malnutrition if continued for a prolonged period of time. A person can gain weight as easily as they lost it if they over indulge in eating after the crash course so the success or failure is entirely dependent on that person.


Blood Type Diet:

This diet is based on the theory that the blood type of a person should define the food he should eat. There are certain proteins in the food we eat which react with our blood to create a positive effect if that diet is compatible with our blood type.

According to this diet plan to lose weight the people belonging to blood group O should have a high protein diet. They should eat meat, vegetables and fruits. If they want to reduce weight then they should abstain from wheat, dairy products and beans. People with blood type A react better to vegetables. They should avoid meat and dairy products but increase the intake of vegetables, vegetable oil and soy foods for weight reduction.

The people with blood group B have a more diverse diet as they are allowed meat and vegetables. They can reduce weight by increasing intake of eggs, tea, liver and green vegetables. These people should avoid wheat, corn and peanuts etc. to expedite the weight loss. The blood type AB can eat both types of food in moderate quantities. They should eat plenty of seafood, dairy products and green vegetables to help with the weight loss. Red meat, beans and corn should be avoided.

The Blood Diet can reduce your weight in a way that it gets you thinking about what you eat. The biggest problem with this plan is that it isn’t based on proven scientific data but based on conjecture so it is not the recommended choice.

Grapefruit diet:

This plan revolves around the idea that grapefruit has a certain enzyme which when eaten with proteins results in the burning of fats, thus resulting in weight loss.

This diet is usually spread over a course of twelve days. It is a diet low in carbohydrates but sufficient in proteins. The breakfast is comprised of eggs, bacon and grapefruit or grape juice in specified quantities. You can eat salad and meat along with grapefruit in the lunch. In dinner, you can eat meat or fish, grapefruit and salad.

According to a research, adding grapefruit to your diet helps in the reduction of your weight. It also helps in cholesterol reduction so it’s beneficial for people suffering from blood pressure. The problem with this crash diet is that the calorie intake is low as compared to the required calories. As a result, the body starts to consume its own tissue and can cause malnutrition. This is not a long term solution as people report gaining weight quickly after stopping this diet plan.

It is recommended only if a quick loss of weight is required and no other alternative is available. People suffering from a disease or any other health problem should consult their doctor before starting this diet.

Master Cleanse Diet:

As the name suggests, this is a sort of detoxification diet which removes harmful chemicals from your body which prevent the burning of fats. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim and this plan just helps in weight reduction.

The master cleanse diet requires the dieter to go on a fast allowing only tea and a lemonade concoction made from lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This plan should be followed for a short period of time ranging from ten to thirty days.

This diet is helpful for those people who want to give up on an addiction like smoking as it allows only the intake of lemonade juice and green tea for weight loss. In this way an individual’s body is detoxified and it helps them feel clean. It cleanses the digestive system and kidneys. Another positive thing is that it results in a quick loss of weight. It helps in breaking bad eating habits. Like any other crash diet, the master cleanse is also short on calorie intake and prolonged diet can cause muscle tissue breakdown. Some nutritionists say that the diet is deficient in other important nutrients.

The best results with this diet plan can be achieved if we follow the plan for a short period of time and then integrate food back into our diet slowly. After the diet, you should start eating vegetables and fruits and then slowly move towards food with carbohydrates and fats in them. In this way, the weight gain after the diet remains under control and the net weight loss becomes noticeable.

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