Is Acai berry effective for weight Loss

So, you are interested how effective is Acai Berry for Weight Loss? Every now and then, there comes a new super food that claims to have hundreds of health benefits and with a blast of advertisements, it is all over the media.

Acai berry is no different. Found in the deepest forests of South America, nutritionists around the world do believe this fruit to have loads of qualities that help gain good health.

Like other berry fruits, there is nothing wrong in saying that acai berry comes with numerous antioxidants that help the body get rid of a lot of toxicants thus helping in gaining better metabolic processes. In addition, acai berry is helpful to the people having heart diseases and different types of cancers.

However, claiming acai berry weight loss to be many folds better than other weight loss diet plans and even exercise is a little beyond what the truth really is. However, entirely rejecting any effect of acai berry on weight loss is also not justice to this fruit.

Years of experience and results shows that there is not a single food item that can bring about massive weight loss within a matter of days. There is always a need to coupling it with other weight loss ingredients like exercise and strict control on diet. On similar grounds, going on a plain acai berry weight loss diet cannot only be very expensive but also not that effective.


Though acai berry helps in cleansing the body off many kinds of toxicants, improves metabolic and digestive systems, and increases mental and overall whole body vitality, it is rarely found in pure form. Most of the acai berry supplements and diet plans only have acai berry extracts, which are to be taken along with a diet plan. This makes it very difficult to identify for a normal person whether the resultant weight loss is because of acai berry supplements or the diet plan.

However, strictly taking acai berry diet and juice over a passage of time under strict scientific procedures of diet testing, it has been found out that the effects of acai berry weight loss alone are not that impressive as what most of the advertisements claim. However, its role in weight loss cannot be altogether rejected, but the cost is too high for a common person to afford. Being a natural product, it does have many health benefits, but if taken solely for weight loss, there are a number of other good options to go for.

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