5 effective diet plans to lose weight

Yes, there are Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast, but in many cases, keeping the weight off will take a lot of willpower. Diets that help you lose weight fast have not been known to be permanent. With willpower and determination, you can use a diet plans to lose weight and keep it off. It’s all in what diet you choose, and how dedicated you are to staying with it.

17 Day Diet plan:

The 17 Day Diet Plan was proposed by a physician Dr Mike Moreno hailing from California.

This diet is designed to help people control or lose their weight. This diet plan offers cycles of seventeen days in which the food to be consumed is adjusted with time.

This plan is a cyclic carbohydrate diet which is divided into four phases. The consumption of carbohydrates is adjusted according to the phase in which the dieter is. At certain times, you are allowed a low carbohydrate diet and at times you can eat what you want. This can trick the metabolic system of the body and it results in loss of weight.

The food which is recommended in this plan include eggs, turkey breast, chicken breast, seafood, grapefruit, berries, lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cucumber and green tea.

  • The first phase of the plan is called Accelerate in which dieter is allowed reduced amounts of carbohydrates to expedite the fat burning and weight loss.
  • The second phase is called Activate and it involves carbohydrates cycling. The intake of carbohydrates is brought back to normal levels.
  • In the third phase, called Achieve, the restricted foods are integrated back into the diet.
  • The last phase is called Arrive and it involves eating natural, healthy food everyday and eating what you desire on the weekends.

This cycle can be repeated again after some time. This plan also requires the dieter to do a seventeen minute exercise to lose weight six days a week and it comes with the diet plan.

17 Day Diet Plan Advantage

The best point about 17 Day Diet is the emphasis it lays on the intake of natural foods. The variation of food allowed to the dieter avoids the monotony associated with other diet plans. The cycles of carbohydrates and calorie intake increase the rate of weight loss. It is simple enough to follow and it comes with tips to help you maintain the weight after using the plan. However, this plan shouldn’t be followed by diabetics.

The required calorie intake is not enough for people who undergo physical exertion. People susceptible to bad eating habits may gain weight quickly after they stop following the plan. The plan does not address the psychological factors which can influence the maintenance of weight in the long run.

In short term, the weight loss achieved is significant but if we look at it in the longer run, the dieter can be as successful as they want to be. It depends on how much control they have on their eating habits and whether the diet plan changed their attitude.

I Love this diet plan:

This diet plan helps in the reduction of weight loss by using products like Frozen Meals, Lean Cuisine along with vegetables, fruits and dairy products low on fat. We achieve a weight loss up to 1 to 2 lbs. per week with this plan.

Our current weight determines the maximum calories we are allowed per day. As time passes and we lose weight, the calorie intake is increased or decreased accordingly. The daily routine consists of a healthy breakfast, a Frozen Meal lunch and then another Frozen Meal at dinner. Along with this the dieter should eat vegetables and fruits.

If you are bored or don’t want to eat Frozen Meals, then there are recipes with the required calories which you can eat. In order to meet the nutritional requirements, we should also take a multivitamin and 1200 milligram of fish oil. Exercise is good for health but it is not considered necessary to lose weight with this program.

The food which is recommended in this plan is Lean Cuisines, Frozen meals, fruit, vegetables, whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread, skim milk, cottage cheese, egg whites, light peanut butter, baked potato chips, microwave popcorn, salad, coffee, tea and diet soda.

This plan has been created by a professional so the nutritional deficiencies associated with other diets have been taken into account. It is a really simple plan and easy to use. The Frozen Meals used are ideal for a lifestyle that is busy, in which a person doesn’t have time to cook special meals.

This diet plan can accommodate the vegetarians as special plans exist for them. It has a narrow target audience as some people will not be willing to eat frozen meals. The dieters make their own meal plans from a given options which can be confusing for some people. Research shows that the sodium consumption is greater than the levels usually required.

I Love this Diet Plan is ideal for businessmen or any other person who find themselves short of time as it is based on frozen meals. It also integrates fruits and vegetables into the diet hence stressing the importance of natural foods in our life.

Bistro MD Diet plan:

It is a US based company which specializes in delivery of ready to eat meals on your doorsteps. The food is approved by a doctor and prepared by highly qualified chefs. It is low on carbohydrates and focuses on greater protein intake. The daily calorie intake averages at 1200 per day which is better as compared to other diet plans.

The company gives the customers’ four plans to choose from whose contents vary with the cost. For example the most expensive of them costs 180$ and includes seven day meals along with two snacks per day. The second most expensive plan has the same contents as the first one but it doesn’t have the snacks. Similarly there is an option for a five day plan with snacks and without snacks.

Bistro MD Delivery

Bistro MD delivers the plan you requested using courier service. Users report that deliveries are made on time. The food items are well packaged and come in a cardboard box with dry ice. The packages are labelled clearly and the dieter can easily use them. The food is ready to use off the shelf. It just requires defrosting and then heating in a microwave oven.

The best part of Bistro MD Diet is that it has something for everyone. It offers customized menus to the dieters so they can add or drop any item from them the menu based on their personal choice, religious preferences etc. The food is well packaged and insulated. There are clear labels on each packet of food inside stating the ingredients and their nutritional value. This is convenient for the user. The variety of food which is allowed to the dieter does not let him get bored.

Bistro MD diet plan disadvantage

One of the disadvantages of this plan is that it is expensive. If money is not an issue, then this is the diet for you. Another problem that some dieters have with this plan is that it does not allow any deviation from the plan. This is restrictive for some people. This diet does not provide any guideline to maintain weight after stopping the diet. As a result some people might put on extra pounds after the diet.

If you can afford the expense, this diet is the way to go for you. It has the nutritional value and won’t let you get bored. In order to succeed the purpose should be like any other diet to control our eating habits. If we fail to do that, we’ll end up eating excessively after the diet and gain weight.

Detox Diet Plan

One diet to lose weight fast that has grown in popularity is the Detox Diet. This diet takes out the most fattening foods like potatoes, bread and dairy products, and allows eating fruits, herbs, nuts and grains. In one month, if real dedication, you will lose a significant number of pounds.

The wisest words in dieting is “eat healthy”. Giving up carbohydrates for natural foods is definitely healthy, so the Detox Diet has real potential for losing weight fast. After using the Detox Diet for a month, you have lost weight and gained new eating habits

7 Day Diet Plan

If you are wondering how to lose weight fast without exercise, there is another diet plan to lose weight that has real potential to fast weight loss is a seven day diet with daily limits on what you eat.

  • On day one, you can eat all the fruit you want, except bananas. All fruits are allowed, but eating melons and cantaloupes will bring the best results.
  • On day two, eat only vegetables, every vegetable you like except potatoes. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, but they should be cooked in only a little oil, if any.
  • On day three, you can combine fruit and vegetables. Enjoy all the fruit and all the vegetables you want.
  • Day four is banana and milk day. You can have up to eight bananas and three glasses of milk on day four. For supper, enjoy a soup made of vegetables.
  • Day five is the day you can eat whatever you want. Be sure to have lots of water with everything you eat.Drink only water with everything. If you are determined to lose weight however, you will notice that although you can eat all you want, you will not really want that much. After four days of fruits and vegetables, your body is beginning to crave good natural foods.
  • Day six is back to vegetables all day, with one serving of meat.
  • Day seven is brown rice, vegetables and some fruit.

Repeat this seven day eating ritual for two more weeks and you will lose several pounds. You will be thinner, and you will have a new eating pattern established.

These diets will get you into a better habit of eating the right foods, and eliminate the wrong foods. After you have lost the desired amount of weight, usually in a month on either of these diets, you should try to maintain the basics of the eating pattern to keep the weight off. If you do fall into old eating habits and notice the pounds returning, these diets are easy to jump back into. It’s all about how you eat from now on out. That’s all about Diet Plans to Lose Weight.

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