Philips Sonicare Essence

Best toothbrush ensures fewer visits to the dentist which saves both money and time. Sonicare brushes are always up to the standard and Sonicare Essence is worth the investment. It helps keep healthy gums and teeth by reaching the areas that are mostly ignored like wisdom teeth etc. If ordered, it arrives in an easy to open and recyclable box which has no “clamshells”.

Product Features:

  • Features of the tooth brush are as follows:
  • Rechargeable batteries ensure that it is recommended while travelling.
  • It has a smart timer having two minutes interval.
  • It removes tea, tobacco and coffee stains up to 80% in just 28 days.
  • The handle is soft and is easy to handle. Its slender neck also helps in effective brushing.
  • Toothbrush package includes Brush head, charger base and luxury travel bag.
  • Its bristles move with a high speed and clean thoroughly. They are very soft, contoured and easy to use. The sweeping motion of bristles spreads the fluid in the deep spaces between your teeth.



It effectively cleans as compared to a manual brush. Plaque removal is 100% as it reaches in areas difficult to access. Its packaging is very easy to open and as protected as in a traditional packing.
Easy Start

This tooth brush, just like Sonicare FlexCare, is easy to use as only light pressure needs to be applied. To get used to Sonic technology the pressure can be increased gradually in first 12 uses. It also gives the opportunity to pause during the two minute duration; you can just press the power button to stop.

Powerful battery

It can be used twice a day for two minutes for 14 days from a single charge of 24 hours so it has a powerful battery and is suitable for travelling. You do not have to keep a charger if you know the days of stay outside are less than two weeks. Light blinks to indicate that recharge is required.

Box Contains

The box of the package contains travel cap and travel bag. Brush handle, brush head holder, E Series brush head, base of the charger, travel case, and travel cap. The box can be opened easily without using cutter or knife thus making it very convenient.


The way Sonicare Essence cleans is fantastic. It can be suggested to others as well, mentioning its features as the product is great. They are very striking. Only beware of the noise that you may feel in the skull while brushing but then you may get used to it after some time. Others in the room may not even feel or hear it.

If you accidentally strike the brush plastic against your teeth, it may produce a knocking effect. The other aspect is that you may have to rebuy the brush heads that are costly but at the same time oral hygiene is much more important than money.
Sonicare Essence has a high positive customer feedback that shows its benefits. Dental professionals like to use it and recommend their clients as well.

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