Scar treatment

Is scar removal surgery really effective?

17th January 2015 affwebs 0

Let’s talk about scar removal surgery. Scarring can sometimes occur when the skin is healing from any type of trauma that affected several layers of skin, be it a cut, surgery, a burn, acne, pregnancy, […]

Scar treatment

Top 4 silicone scar sheets review

10th January 2015 affwebs 0

ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets ScarAway sheets use the methods found in the best plastic surgery clinics and burn centers and were once accessible only to doctors to help reduce the appearance of […]

Scar treatment

Effective ways to remove keloid scars

31st December 2014 affwebs 0

Keloid scars are large, thick, abnormally shaped scars that form after a wound. They can end up being much larger than the original wound, and can actually sometimes be painful for the person afflicted by […]