Oral B Pulsar

It is a generalized fact that good oral health contributes a great deal in over all good health. Oral health will depend a lot on the kind of tooth brush that you are using. The Oral B Pulsar is a perfect tooth brush for people who are not comfortable with using the very advanced researchable and battery operated tooth brushes that look like they are right out of a science fiction movies. Though, these advances and innovative toothbrushes are very easy to operate and user friendly nevertheless there is a whole class of people who are much more comfortable with a manual tooth brush.

The Oral B Pulsar is the most basic battery operated tooth brush you can find. On the first look it will look like any normal manual tooth brush. The batteries go in the base of the tooth brush. The handle is completely non slip, rubberized and ergonomic hence making it very comfortable and making the whole brushing routine very easy.

The soft bristles of the brush can reach easily between your teeth and break the plaque. The PowerTip bristles of the 3D white advanced vivid toothbrush easily find their way along the contours of your teeth and give a thorough clean around every crevice and the hard to reach areas as well. The vibrating action of the bristles very effectively breaks down the plaque and whitens your teeth every time you brush.

As all other Oral B toothbrushes, for example Oral B 5000, the Oral B Pulsar also has indicator bristles. The bristle indicates when your brush needs changing. Dentists around the world recommend that the tooth brush be changed after every three months. In three months times the bristles of your Oral B Pulsar will fade away. This way you will have a constant reminder that you need to get a new tooth brush.
The Oral be Pulsar is available in two sizes of brush heads; 35 and 40. The brush heads are also available with soft and hard bristles. So you can easily choose the kind of brush you prefer for brushing your teeth. The brush is available in blue and purple colors. The battery of the tooth brush has a two month life which is a little annoying since it is advisable to change the toothbrush after three months. If the battery life was around three months also replacing batteries would not be a problem. Since the tooth brush is not expensive replacing is not a big deal.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed is recommended by dentist’s and best electric toothbrush reviews. If you follow a good oral care routine and brush regularly using the Oral B Pulsar you will start feeling the difference in a few days. You will get rid of sensitive gums, bad breath and many related problems when you have a cleaner mouth. You can rest assured that when you visit your dentist after you have used the Oral B Pulsar for some time, you will be told that you have much whiter and healthier teeth.

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