Does baking soda whiten teeth?

baking soda
Does baking soda whiten teeth? If you’re someone who doesn’t care so much of his or her appearance, then you would most probably find the task to have whiter teeth a bit troublesome. However, do you know that you don’t have to go to a dentist just to have your teeth whitened? You can do this on your own and all you would need to have is some baking soda in your kitchen. However, will this product really work for your teeth?

Before we provide you the answer to that question, let’s get to know more about the featured product. Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate for most scientists. It is made up of substances such as sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide. It is originally in the form of mineral salts before they were milled, dried and filtered out from the sodium carbonate solution.

If we talk about baking soda in the chemical sense, you have to know that this product has an amphoteric base which makes it reactive to both bases and acids. This characteristic helps lessen the amount of bacteria inside your mouth giving you a healthier set of teeth every time you use this product.

Baking soda is also a mild abrasive product which gives it the ability to eliminate all sorts of stain which can be found on your teeth. Actually, you just need to find a product which has dicalcium phosphate or hydrated silica for you to get rid of the stains that are coming from the foods that you eat and the beverages that you drink. On the other hand, baking soda has the edge among other teeth whitening products simply because it melts easily in water letting it reach the deepest and hidden parts of your teeth.

Moreover, baking soda has substances which are milder than dentine and enamel. As a result, these layers stay intact in your set of teeth. Baking soda can never make your teeth sensitive no matter how many crystals you put in your water solution. It’s safe to use and can easily give you a brighter teeth.

Unfortunately, this product cannot give you those perfectly white teeth. It can only prevent your teeth from turning yellow at times when you are drinking too much coffee. If you really want to have a whiter set of teeth, then you’ll need to use a teeth bleaching product that can give you just that. Nevertheless, baking soda remains to be a very effective oral hygiene product which doesn’t rub out all of your money.

You just need to create a quick paste out of it for you to be able to apply it on your toothbrush. Get a glass of water. Pour a considerable amount of soda into the glass. Stir the solution and let your toothbrush dive into the glass afterwards. For more whitening effects, you can put some hydrogen peroxide into the solution as well.

However, you can’t let baking soda take care of your oral hygiene alone. This statement is from ADA or the American Dental Association. The substances in this product can’t prevent your teeth from having plaque which can lead you to have tooth decay and several gum diseases. You would still need to apply toothpaste on your teeth for you to maintain the enamel in them and fight plaque. Baking soda can only take care of the outer appearance of your teeth and not their interior.

If you can’t find a box of baking soda inside your home, then you can just buy toothpaste which has the elements of a baking soda in it. The ADA approves of this kind of toothpaste and you just have to be diligent enough in finding this product in the market. You can go to a local store or visit reliable online sellers for you to get a hold of this unique item.

On top of all the benefits that baking soda can give you, this product can actually give you fresher breath that can last for a maximum of 3 hours. Thus, it’s something that you really must have for your total oral care. I hope you’ve got the answer on your question – “Does baking soda whiten teeth?”

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