Hair growth shampoo reviews. Which is the best?

F.A.S.T hair growth shampoo is the new miracle for fast hair growth. It can increase your hair growth by 45% with its supercharging organic ingredients. F.A.S.T consists of the top ingredients for your hair such as a mixture of vitamins and amino acids.

Feedback from Customers

I have difficult hair (it is thick, wavy, golden brown hair) and I find it extremely hard to find a product that works with my hair. My hair is the kind of hair that dries out very quickly if I neglect it (heat styling) but it is usually soft. I have been using this product frequently for the past couple of months. In addition, here is my opinion on it:

I do not use heavy heat styling; I only blow dry or iron my hair every two weeks so if you use heat styling more often this product will not suit you. I did find that the product dries out my hair a little but not as badly as other products do. I highly recommend combining Renpure’s “My Pretty Hair is parched” in the treatment of your hair to combat drying. I alternate with an extremely conditioning shampoo and conditioner.

Does it make my hair grow faster? Well, I was shocked to find that it actually does. I played around with the use of the product a bit and found that you have to use it at least every second wash to get any results! This took more than a few months, and it does not work overnight.
I read some reviews, and saw that many customers were complaining that their hair was falling out after using the product. Hair falling out is actually a natural process and no matter which product you use, your hair is going to fall out. You do not keep the same hair forever, as the old hair has to fall out to make room for the new hair growth. Your hair growth rate naturally depends on certain factors of your life like smoking, stress, exercise, and health. I noticed when I was a kid that my hair would fall out a lot right before a growth spurt was about to take place. I would always find a clump of hair in the drain and realized that new hair was growing.

I have a tip to save money and time. When massaging the shampoo on your hair, massage it into the scalp and not the hair as hair growth happens on the scalp (where the roots are) and not the ends. I suggest you leave it for 5 minutes to soak in. It works really well for me if I use a leave-in conditioner; Shine Smoothing Milk is my favorite.

I would like to share some great tips on growing your hair from my own personal experience:

  1. Exercise frequently! It gets the blood pumping to your scalp and therefore increases the rate at which the protein reaches the hair to ensure healthy, strong hair.
  2. Stimulate the blood circulation for hair growth by massaging your scalp in a circular motion when showering.
  3. Vitamins! Lots of them! Take a multivitamin to increase your health and therefore your hair growth.
  4. Do not smoke! It decreases your health and hair growth.

This product is not magic but it is a healthy, helpful boost, which your hair can use to grow faster!

I cut my hair extremely short and I hated it! I desperately wanted my hair to grow faster and reach my waist. I had only been using this product for a few months before I started seeing results and my hair grew a full inch! It works really well with your hair if you do not use heated styling. It leaves your hair smelling great with a softer bounce than before. I recommend this hair growth shampoo to anyone who wants long hair fast! It is the best product I have used so far and I will definitely continue to use it.

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