Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem diets plans comparison

When you look at the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem diets for the first time, they seem so similar that it’s not that hard to choose between them. But upon a more microscopic glance, you will realize that there are a lot of differences that keep the two diet systems apart.

We will be discussing the differences between these two diets. We will try to decide which is more effective for weight loss, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem?

The first most prominent difference in the Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem review is the cost difference. Most dieters have to consider the cost dilemma when they enroll themselves in paid membership programs. The Jenny Craig diet runs for around $120-$150 per week whereas the Nutrisystem can cost its dieters around $350 plus the shipping charges. The shipping charges may be waived of for the Jenny Craig dieters as they also have the option of buying food from their local stores.

You may choose your own meals in the Nutrisystem diet pan but that will again cost you a bit extra. The good thing about the cost of Nutrisystem is that there are no membership fees or pressure of buying extra supplementation from commissioned salespeople.

How we not discuss the meals and menu of both diets in the Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem review. Both the diets have similar meals and items on their menu. But it is important to note here that the Jenny Craig meals are more processed and are relatively high in salt content. The Nutrisystem meals have more health benefits. The food has low sodium content. The selection of food groups is more diverse and dieters have more options to choose from. The dieters need to choose between Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem on the basis of taste and health.

The final major difference in choosing between Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem is to consider the support system you are looking for. The membership plans of Jenney Craig include a 24 hour helpline and weekly consultations. You can also get support for planning your meals. Nutrisystem diet program (Check Nutrisystem reviews )has many online tools but there are no means to have a one-to-one session for discussing the problems.

The approach of the both diet plans to lose weight is same, weight loss through calorie control. The results are meant to be same irrespective of what plan you choose to follow. The count of the calorie counts. It doesn’t matter of you consume them from the food of Nutrisystem or from the same meal of Jenny Craig.

Whichever plan you choose, you should be able to remain dedicated to it financially as well as emotionally. Don’t rush for signing up for a membership until you are completely convinced. Find out what you are going for, how much you can afford and what you are willing to sacrifice.

In the long run, Jenny Craig runs more expensive than Nutrisystem but the support it offers covers up all the costs. The bottom line is that whatever plan you choose, it should be compatible with your lifestyle and personality.

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