The truth about liquid diet and weight loss

What most of the people on liquid diet weight loss oversee are the health hazards that it may bring with it. Nutritionists and medical experts around the world dealing in weight related issues clearly categorize this kind of weight loss program for critically overweight people. One of the reasons that this method is not suggested for minor weight loss is that in most cases, this weight loss diet plan results in muscle loss rather than the loss of fat from the body.


Another aspect of liquid based diet is that most of the people who lose weight put a major chunk of it back once they are off the diet. The reason is simple, because it works rapidly, the people on this diet get the required results before their eating habits change and the result is obvious.

However, there are more positive aspects of the liquid diet weight loss then the negative ones. Coupled with exercise and protein rich liquids, the muscle loss can be avoided. This requires intelligent diet planning and creating a blend of liquid and solid nourishment. In addition, this diet helps the body to detoxify its self, thus removing all the impurities and toxicants from the body. This way, the body is able to get a more healthy metabolic and endocrinal system.

On an average, a person would be on 500-800 calories per day diet. However, this diet is not to be taken without the professional guidance of an expert nutritionist. It must be a balance of all the proteins, minerals and vitamins that a person would needs for a healthy lifestyle. By creating a fine blend of low calorie and high nourishment diet, there are proven results of people losing around 10 pounds in a week or 30 pounds in just 40 days.

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