Can you lose weight without exercise? Discover the truth

Nowadays it is very hard to find out time for regular exercise to keep oneself fit and healthy. Exercise is not always the key of getting slim and fit. It is possible to lose weight without exercise but naturally it is more difficult. Some people are unable to work out due to medical reasons as well. They may follow useful tips mentioned below.

Small frequent meals:

Eating in small portion always helps. Do not stuff your stomach at once as it will take a long time to digest and stomach will have to work hard. Green vegetables like spinach, green turnip, cucumbers and food rich in fiber should be consumed. Junk food and snacks are not recommended at all, particularly if you are not ready to exercise. Replace your sweet bowl with fruit bowl. It will keep you fresh and healthy and help you to lose weight without exercise.

Protein diet plan

Diet plan that is rich in proteins helps lose weight but it should be baked, boiled or broiled.

It includes eggs, chicken, fish, pulses, cereals and many other sources but before starting the plan, talk to your dietitian in order to avoid complexities. You should know the appropriate amount of proteins for your body. Protein digestion results into release of a hormone, PYY, that overcomes that urge to eat.

Size of the dish:

If the size of plate is bigger, one will fill it and then eat it without thinking about their exact appetite. It’s suggested to take a small platter for the meal so that you eat less. Size always matters. Eating slow is also a tip towards losing weight. It helps body to produce signals to inform the brain that your stomach is saturated.

Say no to beverages:

You can lose weight by only reducing avoiding excessive intake of juices, carbonated drinks, sodas and extra sugar in tea, coffee etc. It is preferable to eliminate sugar from your diet if you want to lose weight quickly.

Stay active:

It is good to be on your feet. If you will keep on moving for your small household tasks instead of relying on others, you will be benefitted positively. It is not essential to increase the metabolic rate of body by exercise, walk also matters. Keep a weighing scale with you to check your weight. Positive reinforcement is always encouraging.


Do consult your doctor before changing your diet and food habits.
Keep a record of whatever you eat daily. Calculate the calories you eat and consume daily.

Calories taken must be less than that of consumed.
Water intake is also very much necessary. It will make you feel full during the meals and digestive system will be perfect.

You must take nutrition pills having essential minerals and vitamins for a balanced diet. Malnourishment would be a risk if you are on diet.

The ultimate goal should be maintaining the weight that is lost as we may forget our healthy diet plan after achieving a specific target. Complete life style change is required in order to stay healthier and lose weight without exercise.

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