Sensa reviews from customers. What does people say?

In this article we are focusing about Sensa reviews.

Sensa reviews from customers

Sensa review from Erik

When I graduated from law school, I weighed 289 pounds! I couldn’t believe how much weight I had gained in two years. I had always had problems with my weight but I had never gone over 225. With late night study sessions, stressful classes, entire days spent at the law library and a maximum of 5 hours of sleep each night, I often just ate value meals at the local fast food drive thru.

After graduation, I tried several diet plans to lose weight but nothing worked. I went online to research the best and easiest way to lose weight; living like this was not healthy for me. I saw an article about Sensa but I wasn’t sure it could be for real. I researched further to find what actual doctors were saying about Sensa. To my surprise, I actually found doctors that recommended this product. I decided to take a chance and try Sensa to see if it worked. All I would have to do is sprinkle Sensa on the food I ate.

As soon as I started using Sensa, I noticed that I was not craving my normal drive thru meals. The first week I lost 6 pounds without feeling the pain of dieting. As the weeks went on, I felt so inspired to keep losing weight. I effortlessly started eating smaller portions but a lot more times a day. My energy is through the roof now. It has been 3 months and I have lost 37 lbs.

Review of Sensa from Liza

I never had a problem with my weight until after I got pregnant with my twin boys. The doctor said it was normal that I gained more weight while I was pregnant because I was having twins. I still felt like I gained too much weight during the pregnancy but I wasn’t worried because I wanted my boys to be healthy.

After I gave birth to my eight-pound baby boys, I couldn’t seem to get my weight back down to where it was before. This was all new to me because I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted but now whatever I ate went straight to my stomach. I was still leading an active lifestyle but I was always feeling tired. I saw an advertisement on the TV. for Sensa and decided to try it.

The first week after using Sensa, I lost 5 pounds. I was not feeling as hungry all the time. This was so exciting. After about two weeks, I noticed that I was getting my energy back. I did not realize what a strain carrying the extra weight was putting on my body. No wonder I was always feeling tired. Sensa is so easy to use; all I have to do is sprinkle it on the food I eat. So far, I have lost 22 lbs in only two months. I am almost at my goal weight and, with Sensa’s help, I will be there shortly.

How much can i lose using Sensa?

What is good about them is that before they released their product in the market and even after the released, they conducted continuous research which they refer as “Sensa’s clinical studies” and they concluded that people could lose an average of 30 pounds within 6 months of using Sensa. This weight loss value came out to about 15% of one’s total body weight.

The result is indeed remarkable! It is no wonder a lot of people would wonder if something this good can really be true. And just to prove to those people that Sensa really believes with their product they are willing to give free trial just to show that their product is indeed effective. For those who are interested there are a lot of sites where you can buy this product. You can either visit their official website or through Amazon.

How does Sensa works?

So how does Sensa works? The principle behind Sensa is really simple. As you eat, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which then release hormones that will eventually signal your mind and body that you are full and that you should stop eating. This occurrence is known as Sensory Specific Satiety. With Sensa, this phenomenon is hasten and by speeding up the entire process it will lead you to easily feel satisfied and thus you will eat less.

Sensa Ingredients

Sensa is scientifically proven to be safe. In fact everyone can use it. Its ingredients are composed of Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors, FD&C Yellow 5, Carmine, Soy and Milk ingredients which are all considered non toxic and harmless to the body.

Unlike other slimming product, none of the above mentioned ingredients can cause any gastrointestinal disruptions such as increase bowel movements, stomach cramps, or nausea and vomiting for it purely targets and works on your perception level specifically your taste and smell sensory. Read about Sensa Side Effects.

Sensa advantages

Unlike other weight loss product, Sensa is advantageous because it works with your body’s natural impulses rather than fighting against it. With this product you are not deprived with food nor does yourdiet need drastic change. Due to this you will not feel hunger or intense craving throughout the entire weight loss process.

Another benefit of this product according to various info gathered from those people who have use it isit is very easy to use. They love the idea that there are no complicated steps to follow for this product tobe successful. All they need to do is sprinkle it on their food and it is all set to go. The entire preparation process will just take a matter of seconds. Now what could be easier than that?

In addition, various consumer reviews show that this product is indeed effective and safe to use. There are no adverse side effects ever documented. The entire process takes place through your perception thus there is no stimulant involved that would affect your stomach or other system to create any ofthose possible undesired effect.

This product is also gender friendly. It is programmed to be use both for men and women. It is under reasonable cost so you won’t have the feeling that you have been taken advantage of, and the mostimportant benefit with Sensa is you will surely lose that excess weight.

Sensa drawbacks

Still, like any weight loss product there are complaints that can be heard and this primarily revolves to the idea that this product is not suited for all. Since it targets a person’s perception, it is subjected tothat person’s senses. Its effectiveness is decreased for those people who have impaired sense of smelland taste. These impairments can be caused by various factors such as age, disease, injury, infections,sinus problems and exposure to toxins due to excessive smoking.


Keep in mind that Sensa is only a weight loss product which can help you become healthy but you should not solely rely on it as the solution if you want to achieve optimum wellness. What it does is it can help you start losing weight by signalling your body to decrease the amount of food that you consume. Once you get used to that, you should start making your eating habit healthy by removing all those unhealthy food in your diet. Furthermore, you must consider adding exercise to your daily activity for you to achieve your desired optimal health wellness.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss, in the perspective of medicine and physical fitness, is the reduction of the total body mass which can result from loss of body fat, loss of fluid and loss of lean mass namely bones, muscle, tend on and/or other connective tissue. Weight loss can happen unintentionally or intentionally. But in this case
since we are focusing about Sensa reviews, let us only tackle about intentional weight loss.

Intentional weight loss is a result from continuous and conscious effort to lose a percentage of a person’s total body mass in an effort to improved fitness or to attain a specific body weight to change ones health or outside appearance.

Losing weight is unique for everyone. Each person has his/her own pace of losing those excess fats. This depends mainly on the factors such as starting weight, genes, hormones, kind of workout and their food diet.

How to lose weight healthy?

Although each person has their own style and program in losing weight, one thing remains constant and that is it is a must to lose weight properly and healthily. It is said that it is healthy to lose weight if it is about two to three pounds a week and the Sensa Company recognized this.

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