8 steps to quit smoking right now

Every smoker who wants to give up their habit must be ready both mentally and emotionally. If you really want to quit smoking, you know the stigma that carries for yourself but don’t judge – everyone has bad habits and the important part here is that you’re trying to quit. It’s very, very hard and it’s very, very difficult and going through this journey is not easy, just remember that it will get better and you’re not alone because each year, more and more chain smokers choose to quit smoking cigarettes. That being said, it’s worthwhile to try to quit the habit and it helps to plan ahead. This guide will help you get started. Here are the top 8 helpful tips to quit smoking that are easily get hold of any current smokers who are seeking to quit.

1. Skip the Cold Turkey

90% of people try to quit smoking are advised one important thing: do not go cold turkey. This doesn’t help you make stronger, it doesn’t make you “better quitter”, BUT it does make you more irritable, angry, hot-headed and much more likely to backslide.

2. Know the reason why you are quitting

Have you asked yourself why do you want to quit? What motivates you in doing that? Are you doing this for your own health because you can’t get pregnant or for the children you have now? These are the things that will be what you hold onto when the going gets tough. That inspiration should be strong enough to make sure it can make a greater impact in your life so you will be able to get focus on your goal.

3. Do it for yourself of course

It’s a fantastic gesture to show your kids or your partner that you are trying to quit smoking, you, in the end you should do it for yourself. If you are just trying to give up because of the society cigarette smoking loathers, you can easily do it but the feeling of hatred, especially at your worst moment. Make sure that above all else, you know that it’s best for you.

4. Your loved ones should know

Your family, friends and loved ones should know about you’re planning or trying to quit smoking. This is because they are the first people who will support in your decision of quitting the habit of smoking. In this situation, anything can happen, you can be grouchy and unpleasant so your family or loved ones deserve some warning!

5. Start Exercising

Exercising will help you relax and it can trigger the release of endorphins(happy hormone) that will help you overcome your nicotine cravings. When you exercise, it’s like a distraction and remember that you need those. Get more active so that you can start improving your lung function and your body will thank you for it later.

6. Chew it out

Some have no luck with nicotine gum but a lot of people do. It allows you to wean yourself off gradually from nicotine. Plus, you can pop a piece of it when you feel you have this really bad cravings. Chewing a regular gum is also helpful if you are only dealing with oral fixation.

7. Don’t drink for a minute

Many people smoke when they go for a drinking session. They’ll go outside for smoke breaks if they’re on the non smoking area establishments. Coffee and cigarettes as well go together. Even if you only have to attend cocktail events, try to avoid alcohol for a while.

8. Take one step at a time

Lastly, take these important things one step at a time . This might help you think or say this mantra every morning when you wake, “I will then have this cigarette for tomorrow and not today.” Then, it will become a week at a time, or a month or a year until you forget about it. Remember that the first 3 days are the worst, but once you passed the first week, it’ll become easier, then after two weeks, it becomes much easier to quit smoking and so on.

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