Ab Circle Pro review

Ab Circle Pro is an evolutionary exercise machine that not only helps you get rid of the extra pounds around your waist but it also lets you burn the layers of fats that are wrapped around your thighs and hips. It is a one of its kind machine that combines the goodness of ab-exerciser with the benefits of cardio workout machines. No other equipment is capable of doing that.

Hence it is understandable why Ab Circle Pro has come under the spotlight so quickly and made its way to the bestselling fitness product in all over America. This is a real achievement!

As Ab Circle Pro is the number one fitness product in America, we decided to do a detailed Ab Circle Pro Revieww for the customers who are looking to buy it.

Workout routine plan included!

One of the most unique features of Ab Circle Pro is that it is not only an exercise equipment that lets you burn your fat with intense workout without any guidance. It is rather a complete system that comes with DVD package which includes a complete guide on how you can use this great machine to get in shape.

It also gives you a great diet plan which you can carry-out in order to achieve quick slimming results. There are no other products that can offer the same services and even those that compete with Ab Circle Pro are much more expensive than this amazing product.

As just a rough estimate, Ab Circle Pro offers you a fitness package of at least $250 for free, which means that you just have to pay a small price for Ab Circle Pro and you will get the fitness plan and diet plan with it without having to pay extra; sounds exciting!

Burn fat faster!

The story of uniqueness and functionality does not end here. One of the greatest features of Ab Circle Pro is that it engages your core muscles entirely which means that you are bound to burn fats like hell and lose them within no time. This means that you will be slimmer and sleeker before you can know it. It is not only extremely easy and efficient way of burning off the extra pounds but Ab Circle Pro also makes it a fun thing. Who doesn’t want that?

3 levels of resistance

The next thing that we want to cover in this Ab Circle Pro Review is some of the technical details of Ab Circle Pro. Ab Circle Pro has made use of the innovative Friction Free Track technology which makes it easier for you to roll on the machine while doing the exercise. It offers you three levels of adjustable resistance so you can work out on your personal exertion level. This ability of Ab Circle Pro of being adjustable makes it suitable for beginners who want to start with lighter resistance level as well as fitness enthusiasts who want to give themselves some real hard time.

Ab Circle Pro Workout

Durable – will never broke

Ab Circle Pro is all about quality therefore it is made out of highest quality gym equipment steel that has the ability to withstand tough workout routines. It is built for endurance and satisfaction of its user.

Easy to store

An once you are done working on the Ab Circle Pro and want to save the space occupied by exercise equipment then you can simply fold it and put it away under your bed or probably somewhere in your closet. It packs so smartly that you would not even notice that it is there until the time you want it again for your fitness workout.


There are some customer’s reviews over the internet which have highlighted some of the issues in Ab Circle Pro as well. They claim that the knee pads are not very comfortable and that as a whole the machine cannot stand tough workouts especially by heavy persons. Made from steel, I cannot see why this is happening, but most of the customers have found it extremely satisfactory and in fact, a few of them have mentioned specifically that it helped them achieve weight loss in a matter of merely some days.

Thus Ab Circle Pro is a satisfactory product for us on the whole and we recommend it for those who want to buy fitness product within a limited budget.

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