Oral B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush

An amazing new addition to the Oral B family, with a reasonable price, is The Oral B Pulsonic sonic rechargeable electric toothbrush.
Even before using the product, you start admiring it due to the slender appearance which allows you to have a perfect grip over the handle. The head is no bulkier than a regular toothbrush and thus lets you access all corners of your mouth.

The most user-friendly feature is the ability of the charger stand to be mounted on the wall, keeping your counter clean and tidy. Secondly, the charging pin is deep and supports the brush well, making it a bit difficult to fall off by accident.

Coming to the use now, the vibrations of Oral B Pulsonic are gentle. They hardly pass down to the handle increasing the comfort for any user. Yet they are strong enough to create a dynamic bristle cleaning action for a plaque-free mouth.

To add more to perfection, it comes with an extra precision tip that takes care of your exclusive oral hygiene needs, giving your teeth the white shine you always wanted.

The Pulsonic comes with two modes; sensitive and clean. Although the sensitive mode is said to be for the tongue and gums, however new users can always start with only the sensitive mode just to get used to electric brushing.

Its regular use naturally whitens the teeth by removing the surface stains and effectively cleaning off plaque than any other manual or electric toothbrush.

To make things a lot easier for you, the Pulsonic has a two minute timer; the dentist recommended time for brushing teeth. Other than that, the vibrations change the tempo for a little while during those two minutes, indicating you to move to a different part of the mouth.

Once the two minute timer goes off, the system does not shut automatically; a friendly feature which lets the user to take the extra time of any particular area.

From the technical point of view, the Pulsonic has only one button to perform all actions. A single press means you activate the regular “clean” mode. Press it one more time to go to sensitive mode.

If you are using the regular mode, press twice to turn it off but if you are in the sensitive mode press once.

Using your Oral B Pulsonic for the first time requires a standard 12 hours charging, like Oral B Triumph. Let the battery reach the full charge before use or else it may affect the performance of your brush.

Along with all the good aspects of the product, there are a few things that may be considered as drawbacks.

To start with, the manual instructs that the brush should be used in a circular motion. Users find it a bit orthodox and inconvenient as it demands extra work. Secondly, the single control button becomes somewhat of a problem at times.

All in all, Oral B Pulsonic is a good choice especially considering its size and portability. It is not as loaded with features but still gets the job done pretty well.

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