AB Rocket Twister Reviews

Ab Rocket Twister is compact yet extremely useful and efficient abdominal trainer equipment which is known for producing results. Whether you are a sixty-year old person wishing to keep your body firm and aligned or you are a young person having extra layers of fat around your waist like most of us, Ab Rocket Twister is the right choice for you. Ab Rocket Twister works like no other fitness equipment available in the market to make you slimmer and sleeker within a matter of few days. All you need to do is to buy yourself this great exercise equipment.

As Ab Rocket Twister continues to gain popularity among the fitness enthusiasts, we noticed that much is not available to the potential customers who were looking for some equipment to bring themselves in shape. Therefore, these Ab Rocket Twister Reviews will provide you with all the information that you need in order to make your mind to buy this product or go for any other product which does much less in much more money. This review sums up all the customer reviews present on the internet about Ab Rocket Twister and it is kept completely unbiased to help you decide fairly about buying or not buying this product.

Unique resistance mechanism – burn fat faster!

To start with, we will mention some of the features of Ab Rocket Twister that make it stand out among all the more expensive alternatives available in the market today. First of all, Ab Rocket Twister offers unique spring resistance mechanism to melt off the extra pounds that you have gained over the years. These resistance springs can be adjusted easily in three different settings to match your fitness level so that you can achieve maximum out of it without over exerting yourself or damaging your abdominal muscles in trying too hard.

Ab rocket twister workout

Roller cushions – feel comfortable during workout!

Next are the roller cushions available on the back of Ab Rocket Twister which offers you a massaging effect while you carry on with your abdominal workout. This massaging effect not only helps you achieve a relaxed state of body and mind but also lets you have fun while Ab Rocket Twister burns off the extra fats that you have to carry on your abdomen. Ab Rocket Twister also comes with a smart head rest which offers a comfortable position for your neck as well as head, which is a very important component of making the exercise effective.

Lightweight – easy to handle!

Ab Rocket Twister is very light weight; it weighs only ten pounds and therefore it is mighty easy to handle. You can carry it around your house and put it wherever you want. Plus, if you are short of space in your home then after doing your exercise on Ab Rocket Twister you can easily fold it and put it under your bed or in your store room or cabinet so that you do not have to dedicate any space for it.

Excellent price – Save more money!

And you can enjoy all this in an extremely low and affordable price. Plus, if you order it from Amazon, it will be shipped for free which means that you do not have to worry about spending too much on your fitness equipment and it does not have to be a burden on your budget to keep you in shape.


So these were all the strengths and advantages that you get with Ab Rocket Twister but we have no intention of hiding its flaws from you. Some of the customer reviews online have mentioned that this machine is not specifically for those who are on the taller side. That means that if you are above six feet then you should probably order some other equipment because the headrest and seat are positioned to best suit you if you are under six feet. Some customers are also dissatisfied with the springs being too loose and not offering enough resistance to really challenge your abdominal muscles to bring them in shape.

But these issues are only mentioned by a very limited number of customers. Most of the customers of Ab Rocket Twister are satisfied with its make and quality and especially by the results that it produces. Therefore, it has a four star rating on average over the internet. Therefore, this product is found satisfactory and is recommended for use by both beginners and advanced levels trainers.

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