Is Acne Diet An Answer To Acne?

Ever since internet threw open the doors to knowledge on all subjects under the sun and beyond, the tendency prevalent is to browse the net for any question one might have. Since internet is the major source of information people have come to trust, browsing internet has become the order of the day. Apart from topics related to work from home, the most frequented pages are the medical pages online. Right from a common medical condition to dreaded disease, people look for causes and solutions on the net. One such topic that attracts online traffic is acne diet. The questions center on what an acne diet is and if it is effective in curing acne. Here are some facts and suggestions presented for your benefit, if you have been looking for acne cure.

What Is Acne?

Acne Vulgaris is the medical term for acne. Acne occurs when the skin is infected owing to clogging of oil-secreting glands. This skin condition is caused mostly in teenagers when hormones enhance body hair’s growth, which results in secretion of more oil by these oil-secreting glands. Though acne is not a serious medical condition, it is classified under chronic inflammatory skin disease. Exceptions apart, acne generally occurs on the face, neck and the chest. Back and upper arms are also found to be affected. Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples form in the areas affected by acne.

The Best Acne Diet

If you hold on to conventional beliefs, you might not want to accept that diet could cure acne. Well, contrary to such age-old beliefs, the results of recent studies point out that there could be a connection between acne and diet. Thanks to the research by a team led by Associate Professor Neil Mann from RMIT University’s School of Applied Sciences, a link has been established between diet and acne. At the end of the two-year long research into the metabolic changes in the levels of glucose and insulin owing to diet resulting in skin changes, the team claims that carbs with high glycemic index might cause acne to develop. The team points out that a protein rich diet with low glycemic index carbs assist in curing acne.

While you might need more evidences to substantiate the claim, it would be better to take lessons from what is obvious, that is to plan a diet to address acne. While the researchers advance with the findings to go in depth into the study, you could plan a healthy diet that does not trigger acne and that aids in curing acne. A diet that provides you with the nutrients and vitamins might play a killer role in eliminating acne. Nevertheless, you are sure to gain in health with a radiant skin as a bonus. Here are some suggestions on the diet for acne.

Acne is not something that is caused by external factors. Hence, having a diet that regularizes the performance of your organs and glands would help in addressing the medical condition.

1) Ensure Proper Bowel Movement With The Right Diet: One of the common causes for a skin condition to develop is improper bowel movement. Hence, ensure that you have the right food that aids in digestion and promotes the performance of your bowels. Have a good share of fruits and vegetables. Protein rich foods and omega fats are to be included. Fibrous foods play a vital role in lowering bowel toxicity. Go for greens and nuts. Avoid food that could cause constipation including dairy products. Drink plenty of water.

2) All Is Not Well With Alcohol And Beverages

If you love coffee and tea, it is time for you to limit yourself on intake of these beverages. You could go for herbal tea or green tea, which would enhance your health and improve your immunity. Say ‘no’ to alcohol, as it would trigger acne.

3) Exercise For Healthy Skin

Make exercise a part of your lifestyle. Exercise not only helps lose excess weight, it helps to strengthen your body and stimulate your organs to perform better. Regular exercise could help with skin conditions as well. Yogic practices along with breathing exercises will make your skin glow.

4) Know Your Vitamins

Vitamin A is great for skin health. It helps with cells reproduction and hence having vitamin a food will ensure that your skin is healthy. Vitamin C aids in acquiring good skin tone. The production of two protein components of skin namely elastin and collagen is aided by Vitamin C. Vitamin E helps with recovery of skin from scars and it also prevents scaring. Since acne is characterized by scars and pimples, including olive oil rich in vitamin E is essential.

While there are still uncertainties over the effect of diet on acne, as the causes of acne are varied, the basic cause assigned to the occurrence of acne is hormonal imbalances. A planned diet will ensure proper functioning of the body and address hormonal conditions. Moreover, there are evidences to show that acne is triggered by certain diets. Hence, the best possible suggestion is to have a proper acne diet whether you have acne or not. It is always easier to prevent rather than to cure.

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