What Causes Adult Acne And How To Get Rid Of It

Acne does not limit itself to a certain age group. Even people in their 50s get acne. To get rid of adult acne, you should understand the causes of acne. If this is the first time that you have this skin condition, it might help you to understand the causes and effective treatments to get rid of it.

Causes Of Adult Acne

The sebaceous glands of the skin produce an oily substance called sebum. This sebum clogs the pores, which results in the skin surface being affected. In adults, acne might occur owing to hypersensitivity or excess production of androgens. Hormonal imbalances could cause acne in men and women and certain medications and cosmetics could aggravate the condition. Where women are concerned, acne could occur at various stages when the hormonal changes are higher such as during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Genetic factors influence as well. Presence of oil in skin at a higher level could cause acne in adults.

Treatments For Acne In Adults

The treatments for acne in adults have to be chosen with care. There is no universal solution for acne. You need to analyze your skin condition and your life style before choosing the treatment. However, there are some common aspects to consider while planning your treatment for acne in adults.

1) Begin With Your Diet

Your diet plays a major role in setting right your hormonal imbalances and improving skin health. Let fruits and vegetables make a regular part of your diet. Green vegetables are great for your skin health. Go for protein rich foods and cut down carbs. Avoid coffee and tea and instead opt for green tea. Never skip your meals and have good intake of water. If you plan your food right, you are not only aiding in fast recovery from acne but assisting in prevention of acne.

2) Pair With Perfect Cleansers And Soaps

Honey could do wonders for your skin. Honey has various qualities associated with it and hence using honey for cleansing would make you look fresh. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which are essential to address acne. Tea tree soap is a natural product that checks acne outbreaks and it could be used instead of soaps that contain chemicals.

3) Herbal Steam To Control Acne

Herbal steam could help the skin condition. Take boiling water in a tub and add some drops of antiseptic oils. Place your face closer to the tub to draw the steam on your face. A towel over your head closing the sides of your face will prevent the steam from getting away from your face. This herbal steam will leave the pores soft. Once you are done with steaming, dab the pimples with tea tree oil.

4) The Perfect Moisturizer

There is no equivalent to natural products. Coconut oil and jojoba are natural moisturizers as they keep the cells from drying. Coconut oil keeps the yeast and bacteria that cause acne in adults at bay. Jojoba is great moisturizer and controls acne.

5) Kill The Dead Skin Cells

Baking soda can do it for you. When dry skin cells plug the pores, it results in the onset of acne in adults. Baking soda can be mixed with warm water and be scrubbed gently on the skin. The dead skin cells will be removed and the bacteria that cause acne will be destroyed as well.

6) Go Only For Natural Cosmetics, If Needed

It would be great if you could do away with cosmetics. If the idea does not appeal to you, ensure that you choose the right product. It would be ideal to go ‘all natural’ and look for products that are water based and oil free.

How To Prevent Adult Acne?

Some of the most important causes for acne include hormonal changes, birth control pills, wrong choice of cosmetics and stress. Knowing the reasons would help you with the process of elimination of causes that trigger acne. A few simple steps could ensure that you are safe from acne breakouts.

1) Diet And Exercise Help Address Hormone Changes

With a proper diet and regular exercise, you can overcome problems associated with hormone changes. A balanced diet is important as it supplies you with necessary vitamins and nutrients. Exercise helps with the performance of organs and glands, which would improve your overall immunity. With breathing techniques, you can have a glowing skin.

2) Medications To Avoid

It is always important to know the composition of medications you take and the possible side effects that come as a package. Avoid medications if possible. If your condition demands that you go for drugs, take time to learn about possible consequences and the way to overcome them.

3) Cut Down On Cosmetics

The advertisements may promise; the products may tempt and the marketing strategy may be so brilliant that you could not keep away from a cosmetic product. However, hold on and just consider the possibility of acne occurring on your face so far clean and blemish less. In spite of all the promises by a manufacturer, there are possibilities that certain products might cause acne outbreaks. It would do well to be natural and ensure glowing skin.

4) Composition Of Cosmetics

If you still feel that you require cosmetics, you need to make a wise choice. It would do no good if you just go by the name. When you pick up a cosmetic product, you need to ensure that it is noncomedogenic. A noncomedogenic product will not clog your pores.

5) Keeping The Face Clean Helps

It is essential that you wash your face and keep it dirt free. After a strenuous exercise session, the body heats up and the perspiration mixes with skin oils on the surface. You need to act fast before they attack your pores. Wash your face thoroughly and never hang on with sweaty clothes on.

6) Stay Away From Stress

A stressed life style could cause various problems physically and psychologically. Acne is triggered by stress as well and the onset of acne might cause further stress in you. Stress hormones produced at the time of stress will result in excess production of oil from oil glands. Never let the stress get the better off you. Learn to handle your stress and keep your mind relaxed. A break from routine occasionally might be of great help.

Learning about acne will help you handle the condition with ease. If you find that you have adult acne, you could begin by making your mind relaxed and accepting the fact. Never lose heart about the skin condition that has affected you when you have crossed your teens and when your thoughts are focused on your career. You could just stay focused on your career but ensure that you learn to treat and prevent the condition adequately.

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