What is the best treatment for acne scars?

So, what is the best acne scar treatment?

Actually, it’s easy to get rid of all the acnes that you have. However, it’s more difficult to eliminate the scars that they left behind your face.

According to Tina Alster, MD who teaches dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center, acnes are bound to leave marks on your face whether you pick on them or not. They cause your skin to get inflamed which leads to the darkening of the spots where they used to settle. Fortunately, there are several things that we can do to prevent acquiring those scars or totally eliminate them from our faces if we already have them.

But let us first define the appearance of an acne scar

Acne scars are the “trails” left behind by your former acnes. According to Hayes Gladstone, MD, there 3 kinds of acne scars and they can all be found below.

  • Scars that are deeper and narrow – They look like ice picks.
  • Scars which have shapes similar to a boxcar
  • Scars that are shallow – They are called atrophic scars.

According to Alster, individuals who have lighter skin complexion may have scars that would appear red from the outside while individuals who have darker skin tones may have scars that are darkened as well.

What Worsens The Condition of Acnes?

Vitamin E

A lot of people think that vitamin E can make their acne scars go away. Well, they can’t be blamed. This vitamin is really good for our skin but it actually has an opposite effect on someone’s acne scars. Unfortunately, this vitamin can worsen acne scars and it can never reduce their visibility no matter how much you apply it on your skin. Moreover, this statement has already been verified by the researchers at the University of Miami.

Squeezing and Picking

Actually, the scars on your face are your body’s way of recovering from all the acnes that you have acquired. According to Alster, they are normal scenarios for your skin can really get inflamed in the presence of acnes. Thus, popping a zit or even squeezing it would only widen the passageway of bacteria and pus into your skin. According to Ron Moy, MD, these actions would only cause more damage in your skin’s collagen. On the other hand, picking acnes would only lead to more scars, deeper skin discoloration, injury and further inflammation of the skin.


According to Alster, the sun can hinder your acne scars from disappearing from your face. It can even cause them to appear darker. That is because the rays of the sun encourage your skin to create more pigments that can further highlight the appearance of your acne scars. Thus, never forget to apply sunscreen lotion all over your skin every time you go outside of your home.

What Can Improve the Condition of Your Acne Scars?

Fade and Cortisone Creams

According to Alster, cortisone creams are the most effective products in removing the swell or redness from your acne scars. They can stop your skin from getting inflamed. Next, you would need to get back the even skin tone that you used to have. There are a lot of products that you can use to achieve this goal but you would have to stay away from Hydroquinone for this lightener can easily irritate your skin.

According to Alster, you would have to look for facial products which contain vitamin C, arbutin and kojic acid instead. These are the elements that you should search in a lightening cream as you visit your local drugstore. However, you have to know that no facial cream can help you improve the appearance of your atrophic acne scars regardless of the fact that they are shallow scars.

Filler and Laser Methods

Consult your skin doctor immediately if your acne scars persist. He or she can let you undergo laser skin resurfacing which is a method that can cause your skin to produce more collagen and finally fill the dents that your acnes have created on your face.

If you want to make sure that no damage would be imposed on your skin, then you can go for non-ablative lasers. You can also opt for filler injections but you would need to get your face injected again after several months if you opt for this treatment.


If you want your acne scars to fade away naturally, then you would need to be patient. If you don’t want to use any cream or undergo any best acne scar treatment, then you can just wait for the new blood vessels to form beneath your skin to make it look clear and even once again. This can go on for several months so again, patience is a virtue.

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