What causes bad breath?

Your breath is representative of your health. Having a bad breath can be very annoying and embarrassing especially if you’re going to apply for a job, or getting interviewed on, or talking to a client. Having a foul smell breath is a sign of poor hygiene, dental cavity problem or an underlying health disease.

If you are experiencing bad breath or halitosis, you may want to take a look at your daily habits, diet, health, and your hygiene practice. There may be certain things that you are doing or are not doing that can surely affect how your breath will smell. Take a look below at some things that may affect the way your breath smells and how to give solution to that problem. But really what causes this bad breath also known as halitosis often to occur?

The causes of having bad breath can be due to your food and beverage intake and as well as from smoking cigarettes. Common offenders include pungent foods like garlic and onions. Eating these kind of pungent foods will definitely give you a bad breath due to its strong odor and taste.

Alcoholic drinks can also inhibit bad breath and certain juices and soda drinks. If you often smoke, this can also lead to bad breath due to its nicotine content that is left stained in your mouth. Smoking and drinking are often come together so these people who have these kind of vices are often considered to have bad breath. You can even smell the liquor through your skin pores.

Another cause may be having a dry mouth. The function of our saliva is to moisten our food but if you have dry mouth, this can cause bad breath. Poor dental hygiene is of course included in the list. Our mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and if we don’t brush our teeth or rinse our mouth, definitely, this bacteria will attack our gums and teeth this will cause inflammation like gingivitis that usually form due to poor dental hygiene and will cause bad breath as well.

Health problems can also be one of the leading causes of bad breath. You might have an illness like gastrointestinal problems sinus infection, lung infection (chronic stage), liver and kidney disease, and diabetes.

Do you talk too much or less? This can also contribute in having a bad breath. Talking too little and too much can also cause bad breath. Talking throughout the day can dry up your saliva. Our saliva has the component that fight off bacterias, like a bactericidal effect so it doesn’t mean if you’re not talking, you’ll have a bad breath because those talkative one’s can also have signs of bad breath. Being untalkative can also lead you to bad breath. Keeping your mouth closed for one whole day and very few times you have tried to open it to speak, then definitely the inside of your mouth produces bacteria and trap bad smells which therefore causes bad breath.

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