Exercises to improve your concentration

We represent you the following concentration exercises – FOCUS tips that can be a great help to you in the process of concentrating, especially when concentrating on your work or studies, or on other assignments that are so important for you. So, here they are:
F – 5 More Rules
O – One Think at a Time
C – Conquer Procrastination
U – Use Your Hands as Blinkers
S – See as if For the First or Last Time

F – People can be divided into 2 types. The first type includes those who have developed the mastery of coping with frustrations; the second type includes those who wish to reach the same mastery one fine day. If you’re among those, who are trying to solve this task, remember to do 5 more – just work 5 more minutes, read 5 more minutes, write 5 more minutes, etc.

Like a sportsman, you should reach higher and higher levels of endurance thus obtaining a power to stand frustrations as a result. You must yield under no conditions, and get a “second mind”, every time your willpower lessens, like sportsmen get a “second breath” in order to win. So, the cue to your success in developing mental endurance and focus of attention is to concentrate when your brain refuses to do so.

O – It’s true that when we seem confused, it means we are thinking! So, whenever you feel dispersed because of having assigned your brain too many tasks simultaneously, just take them away letting the brain think over one definite task. Otherwise, it will quite easily think about even those tasks that aren’t worth being thought over at all! So, give it one single task!

So, let’s take a situation when you’re going to take an exam, which is so much needed for your future plans, and right now you’re in the mid of getting ready for it. All you need is to be focused only on the task of passing the exam successfully. Then, you can get down to solving the other tasks connected with your future steps.

There is another way to help you to get rid of unnecessary troubles and concerns in your head! Try to write all the troublesome issues in your head on a list. Thus, you’ll keep your mind away from being obliged to remember all of them! As a result, your brain won’t take your attention away from you, as your brain will have been freed from these concerns!

C – If you’re trying hard to concentrate, but everything is in vain, and if you’re postponing your tasks and important projects, this means you’re facing the problem of procrastination. So, don’t get surprised if it takes you so much time to complete your task, for you’re just not working on it!

The best solution to this problem is to keep in your mind the following questions, and give them to you every time you face the problem conquering your procrastination – “Must I do this?”, “Is there any sense to do so?”, “The task won’t become easier later, will it?” All these questions will serve as stimuli for you in order to get mentally prepared for getting down to completing your tasks, because time will only add to your troubles and concerns, without dragging your work to its end!

So, start doing it in order to finish it!

U – If you compare your mind and eyes with a camera and its aperture, correspondingly, you’ll get a better picture of what is going on in our mind. So, all the time your eyes are gathering everything around you and sending to your brain. It’s not surprising, then, that you are capable of both thinking and acting at the same time with ease.

Now, let’s imagine adjusting your brain to a “telephoto” focus as a camera does – just block your face with your hands, and get cut off from everything around you. This is especially important for those who are preparing for a test, when they have to be concentrated on their textbook, and on nothing else around them.

For better understanding of these concentration exercises, you can compare this method with the famous concept of “conditional reflexes” developed by the famous Russian psychologist I.P.Pavlov, who examined dog’s behavior while ringing a bell and bringing them some food, subsequently. Soon, the ringing of the bell was associated with food, and when hearing the bell, the dogs began salivating and waiting for the food. Thus, you can easily use your hands as blinkers, whenever you wish to get secluded from everything surrounding you, and get concentrated solely on your task.

S – Making your mind be right here right now, instead of letting it wander here and there, is an important thing to learn and put into practical use. Try not to miss something important because of the lack of your attention. So, you should learn to see as if for the first and the last time! This is like the well-known phenomenon of “stream of consciousness” – when your thought gets associated with something else, and takes your mind miles away from you.

So, if you want to learn to “get back to reality”, all you need is just to “wake up”, look around you in order to see! You’ll see so many interesting and beautiful things around you! So, help your eyes to wake up, look around, and you’ll see through some new lenses even those things or persons that you used to take for granted!

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