What causes lack of concentration?

The loss of concentration is a huge problem indeed, and each of us can cope with this problem for this or that reason. So, when faced with the problem of putting all your efforts in order to focus your attention on the completion of the given task, you should realize that this problem is conditioned by a number of factors that mustn’t be left unnoticed.

Now, let’s go through a bit more detailed information, or some 9 reasons concerning the problem of the lack of concentration.

Well, first of all, you should know that hormones and vitamins play a huge role in this concern. Such symptoms as tiredness and confusion of the mind are connected with the low levels of hormones and the lack of vitamins in your organism. The deficiency of thyroid hormone deteriorates the metabolic functions and the blood circulation in the organism. Consequently, your brain loses its optimal functioning as a result.

As for vitamins, if you lack vitamin B-12 in your organism, you’ll have the same symptoms.
Anyway, you can easily visit a doctor and check the level of vitamins and hormones in your body. Otherwise, you may face some heavier problems like high cholesterol level, hypertension, metabolic syndrome or prediabetes.

So, you should pay a great attention to all these problems at the earlier stages, by all means.

Second, damaged hormones can serve as the next precondition for the problem under discussion. Moreover, the concentration loss is a problem for women undergoing the menopause and having irregular menstrual cycles during this period. As a result, women feel somewhat uncertain and obscure, and get difficulty in focusing their attention to this or that task.

The use of some specific drugs can also lead to the lack of concentration and problems with mood – for instance, the use of antidepressants. So, one may feel drowsy because of antihistamines and tranquillizers, and some other drugs, including antidepressants, can hinder the functioning of the brain. It’s also important to know that several drugs can cause lack of concentration while being used, and when they are stopped to be used. So, never take medicines without consulting your doctor!

The lack of concentration can be caused by giving up smoking. When smoking, people get addicted to the high nicotine level in the blood. When trying to quit smoking, they decrease the level of nicotine in the blood, thus coming to the loss of concentration quite easily. Anyway, the problem will disappear in the short run, when being adjusted to the new state of the organism.

Another reason for the concentration to lessen is the poor diet. This will also lead to a greater risk of obesity and hypertension, higher level of cholesterol, and to other problems of the same kind. When having gained some weight, you become less active, which, in its turn, impedes your brain functions. You can easily keep your mind sharp and vivid by eating more fish and vegetables, and by eating less meat and fats.

Being extremely busy is another problem leading to the loss of concentration. You should do your best to exercise always, and keep your brain at the required and necessary level of activeness, as physical activity is of huge importance for the body, as a whole. Moreover, exercise is capable of keeping you away from several severe problems.

The reason is that exercise stimulates the production of specific substances necessary for the brain. On the other hand, it hindrances the creation of plaques causing Alzheimer’s disease. So, don’t lose the sharpness of your mind!

Feeling extremely restless is one of the problems that cause lack of concentration. When being highly concerned about something, or when being unable to get rid of your worries and troubles, you can easily become dispersed, and you can easily start taking everything happening around you in an exaggerated way. All you need is to push these troubles out of your head and reduce your worries and fears in fact.

Having lots of daily tasks and obligations to complete, you may naturally experience low memory and deteriorated functioning of your brain. Of course, the brain won’t be able to keep so much information in it, and soon you’ll face forgetfulness and lack of concentration.

Thus, when having some problems with attention and concentration, don’t fail to visit a doctor, in order to get rid of further heavier problems that may easily lead to the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The latter causes such problems as impatience and forgetfulness, difficulty in completing your tasks, etc.. Be attentive to your health!

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