Sole F80 treadmill review

The sole F80 treadmill has been in use for the better part of the decade. Apart from treadmills, sole manufacturers also sell other elliptical machines that make workouts more enhanced. I bought this sole F80 treadmill after I was dissatisfied with an old ProForm 505 that had been given to us by my mother in law. The new sole F80 has several advantages.

Excellent Quality

With the price I bought this treadmill, I did not expect much in terms of quality. However, I was using the treadmill for the last two days and its quality is out of this world. Using it is a pleasure—it makes no noise and it moves very smoothly.

In the manual, we had read that the speakers were not working properly, but I think the manufacturers are wrong. When I connect my iPod in the treadmill, the music fills the room doing my workout very enjoyable.

The 3 Ѕ HP and 2.75’’ roller are more than enough power for me. I work out on the treadmill for as long as I want and the treadmill never slows down. The treadmill has the capability of comfortably running 12 MPH at a 15% grade incline.

Another great quality feature I noticed in the treadmill is easier to control buttons. In addition, the treadmill has an inbuilt fan that cools the air making my workout less strenuous.

Furthermore, the hydraulic folding mechanism is easy to use and makes it easy for me to lift and lower the deck. When I want to vacuum under the treadmill, I easily lift the deck. Lowering it is even easier.

Finally, F80 is a treadmill I would recommend to anyone. Although it is a cheaper brand, its quality compares favorably with the expensive brands. You will never be disappointed by buying this treadmill.

Wider belt and Deck

I have been having several other cheap treadmills but the sole F80 has the widest deck. The width is 22’ and the length is a whooping 60’. Despite my long gait, I do not run off the end of the treadmill. The belt is 2-ply and there is a protective extension, which cushions me from pounding. This makes my workout very comfortable.

In addition, the storage cubby is large enough to store several water bottles. I can comfortably read a magazine, kindle, or a tablet by placing it on the ledge that is at the bottom of the display.

Easy to assemble

Despite the treadmill being accompanied by a guide video, that gave me step by step guidelines on how to assemble the treadmill, I did not use it—though it was fun to watch the video. All I had to do was to look and place the different parts together. One problem I noticed while assembling the treadmill is that I would tighten the bolts too much which brought problems. I noticed that by tightening the bolts at the same degree evenly, the treadmill worked easily.


The manufacture of the treadmill provided me with a warrant and guarantee, which I found outrageous. There is a lifetime warrantee and guarantee on the frame, motor, and deck. In addition, there is a 5-year warranty on electronics and a 2-year warranty on labor.


Other than the Sole F80, I also own a spin bike and a recumbent exercise bike, both of which are sole products. In my experience with sole products, one thing that stands out most is the high quality and great value in all the products. With my latest sole F80 treadmill, I am very happy with it and I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing a treadmill, to go after the Sole F80 treadmill.

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