How much does teeth whitening cost?

So, you are interested how much does teeth whitening cost? A lot of teeth whitening treatments nowadays are quite effective and they are truly worth their price. Some of them are affordable while some of them can really rub out a person’s money. However, almost all of them are capable of whitening a person’s teeth after a couple of minutes, days or weeks. Further read below for you to know the price of the most effective teeth whitening solutions in the market today. Remember that we would only be giving you the price of these treatments so you may want to conduct further research about the pros and cons of each teeth whitening solution. Hopefully, this article would give you an idea on how much money you would need to save up for the whitening treatment that you want.

Mouthwash, toothpaste, bleaching strips, professional bleaching and at-home bleaching trays and gels are the teeth whitening products that we would be featuring in this article.

How Much Do Professional Bleaching Cost?

Verdict: This procedure can have a price of $300 up to $1000+ depending on the rates of your dentist

Dentists and bleaching specialists are the only people who are licensed to conduct professional bleaching to their clients. The kind of treatment, the location of the dental clinic and the rates of the dentist are the factors that can affect the price of a professional bleaching session. Zoom! belongs to the list of well known professional bleaching procedures and it’s average price is $315. This treatment can last for about 45-55 minutes.

How Much Do Bleaching Gels Cost?

Bleaching gels and trays that are available in dental offices: $300 to $600+

Bleaching gels and reusable trays that are available in the Web: $40 to $90

Bleaching gels can have two forms: gels that are based on hydrogen peroxide or gels that are based on carbamide peroxide. Both of these gels have more or less the same price. A bleaching gel solution can last with you for 14 days and the package includes bleaching trays that you can use for the procedure. However, take note that most of these stays are of low quality and some bleaching gels solutions can have no trays at all. Thus, to solve this problem, you can make your own tray at home or buy a custom fitted tray kit online. If you have enough money, then you can have your dentist personalize your tray for you.

If you want to avail of huge discounts for these products, then you can look for them in reliable sellers online. However, we are still suggesting that you buy your bleaching gels from your dentist to ensure your safety. If your pocket’s not up for this option, then you can always turn to online retailers for the greatest deals in town.

The price of trays that are available in the Internet can start from $20 up to $50 while the price of bleaching gels can start from $20 up to $40.

How Much Do Whitening Strips Cost?

Huge pack of whitening strips that is available in the Web: $20 to $40

Whitening strips are considered to be less effective than bleaching gels. Thus, they are also cheaper than the latter. If you want to have a yearly supply of whitening strips, then you should purchase huge packs of strips for you and your whole family.

How Much Do Mouthwash and Toothpastes Cost?

Mouthwash and toothpastes are the most inexpensive teeth whitening products that are available in the market. Actually, the price of these products doesn’t go far from the rates of standard mouthwash brands and toothpastes. We can’t provide you with the exact price for these products for they come in a wide range of sizes. All we can say is that these items are a bit expensive compared to the mouthwash and toothpastes which don’t have any whitening component in them. I hope you’ve got and answer on your question about teeth whitening cost.

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