Stretch mark cream reviews


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

This stretch mark cream really works, and I can attest to it! I have long been a customer of Palmer’s Itchy Skin Soothing Oil, so I know Palmer’s makes great products. I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter through my pregnancy and any new marks soon faded. I knew it was possible that my body just healed itself, and I stopped using it after I gave birth. After about eight months had passed, I noticed that the old marks were still light, but the more recent ones at the end of my pregnancy were still red as ever! I began using Palmer’s on those marks. It only took seven days for me to see a noticeable difference. Just thirty days later, and they are fading fast – and the old ones are almost entirely gone! I really believe in this product and I try to tell all moms-to-be that I know to try it. Everybody’s skin is different, but it may work for her! In case you wondered, I used the products every time I finished showering, first massage with the soothing oil, then with the cocoa butter.

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

When I was pregnant, I was distracted and ended up not taking very good care of my skin. After I gave birth to my daughter, I gained a bit more weight, and that gave me a few more stretch marks than I had earned during my pregnancy. I have been blessed to shed nearly fifty pounds over the past year with the help of my personal trainer, and a supplement regimen including PrimaForce Max CLA soft gels and Raspberry Ketone 25 gram powder, which helped curb my appetite and cravings. I am almost to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still have marks. I began using Mederma about two months ago, and while I cannot tell you that it is a miracle or that it works like magic, I can tell you that my stretch marks are beginning to get lighter and they now blend in with the rest of my skin tone.

If you are trying to shed your pregnancy weight, use Mederma while you are reducing – do not wait until after you are thin again! Natural weight loss supplements also helped me, which made eating better and losing weight a lot easier.

Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream

After developing some of the brightest, most severe stretch marks I have ever had, I really wanted to find something that would help me get rid of them. When I found Urban Skintrition, I could not wait to try it on these nightmares. I had already tried Avon’s stretch mark treatments, Mederma (which I felt was too expensive, especially since I got no results), scar ointments, bio-oil, and cocoa butter, all to no avail. However, Urban Skintrition seems to be helping. I have used about a third of my supply. I only end up with one treatment, although I was suggested to use twice a day. My stretch marks are not from pregnancy and resulted from weight gains over the years. The product does not smell which I am glad, because Mederma smelled like the soap in hospitals, and it feels kind of like whipped butter. It is light and not at all oily, but it is thick and does not soak into the skin right away. The good news is that it will not stain your clothing!

I have really noticed a difference, which I did not expect since so many products have failed me before. My marks are becoming a lighter red. The texture is softening, and they are becoming flatter. I plan to get another round of cream once I have used this all up. I definitely feel like I am getting my money’s worth. Just remember if you use Urban Skintrition, be patient because it is not going to work right away, and always use it twice daily. It took about three weeks for me to notice a difference, but once I did, the difference was big!

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil

I am a physician, and I know that a person’s tendency toward developing stretch marks is very much related to that person’s genetics. However, that does not mean I am going to take my stretch marks lying down! Since many of the women in my family (including my mother, who developed terrible stretch marks with her pregnancies) had stretch marks, I felt sure I would get them. I began using Mama Mio Tummy Rub early in my pregnancy and now, at thirty-eight weeks and counting, I have not yet seen a stretch mark – and my belly is so big that people have even asked if I am having twins! This product has really delivered on its promises.

At twelve weeks into my pregnancy, I found out about Mama Mio and began using it. I apply twice daily, once in the morning and before I go to bed, as well as after I bathe. To be honest, it feels oily, but I was surprised to see that it absorbs into the skin and dries quickly. I have had some itchy skin with my pregnancy, and this has really helped to calm it. Several moms gave me Bella B Tummy Honey Butter and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter when they found out I was pregnant, but I have to say I feel this product works better than those do. Palmer has felt clumpy for me and left a mess on my clothes (although I must say, it is great for rough elbows and dry hands!). I really did not like the texture of Bella B; it feels gritty and just does not soak in. Mama Mio most assuredly feels oily when applying, but it dries so quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. It has a light scent, is easy to apply, and is definitely my favorite stretch mark cream!

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