Complete guide to detox your body

People today are exposed to different kinds of toxins and chemicals that can seriously damage our health, even at low level. The four leading widespread environmental toxins are the lead, trihalomethanes that comes from drinking water, some ion radiation more commonly known as indoor radon gas and tobacco smoke. Toxins can cause your body to have a damaged and weakened immune system, imbalances your hormonal secretions, and even worse outcome can be a mental disturbance. Therefore, it is important and recommended to detox the body to get rid of toxins that could harm your internal organs.

Our bodies have the natural ability to rid itself from different toxins – these are the toxins that our own bodies generate as well as the environmental toxins that we are commonly exposed to. Our own kidneys, liver, intestines and the skin perform their marvelous function of a natural cleansing system. But when we subject our body to some ill practices such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol or taking too many medicines or illegal drugs, then our ability to detoxify becomes low.

Detoxing your body from those inside and outside toxins are very important aspect of health. Here is how you can safely and gently detox your body.

Increase your fiber intake

Go green! Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains like brown rice to effectively help you remove those toxins from your body. Remember that a low fiber diet plays an important role in relief from constipation and irregular bowel movements. Aim to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Avoid sugary food intake

Limit this sugar food intake because it can have a toxic effect on our body as well. The more you consume sugar, the highest possibility that your body produces insulin which is not good for your pancreas. Plus, the risk of having diabetes are expected.

Water, water and water

Water is life, and yes I believe that. Sodas and sugary juices are out of the list because this fizzy drinks are not good for our body. Instead, grab a bottle of water to keep your body system hydrated and function well. At the same time, it can flushes out those toxins from our system, helping us to detoxify even better and facilitates waste removal more effective. Drinking green tea can also be a very good substitute to your habit of drinking sodas or sugary juices.

Exercise daily

There’s a lot of benefits that we can get from exercising daily, and one of these is it can stimulate our blood circulation for a healthier bowel movement. Even it encourages our body to sweat a lot to release toxins that are harmful in our body.

Can you imagine now what clean living is? A lesser toxin in our body, the better life ahead for us. Make this a priority, and remember these guidelines on how to detox your body. Take steps to get rid of it and live your life to the optimum wellness.

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