GLO teeth whitening system – is it safe? Does it really works?

Have you already heard of the GLO teeth whitening system? It is an all in one package that can give you a brighter and whiter set of teeth right at the comforts of your home. Yes, you’ve read that statement right. This system can improve the color of your teeth into 5 shades lighter in just a few days. It doesn’t make your teeth sensitive and it can give you all the convenience that you are expecting from a whitener system.

This product came from the brilliant mind of Dr. Jonathan B. Levine who is a popular dentist and a professional who teaches at the New York University at the same time. It claims to have the ability to provide you with a whiter set of teeth in just 5 days without making you worry as to why your teeth got sensitive all of a sudden. Thus, if you’re someone who can’t smile brightly in photos and doesn’t have the time to visit a dentist, then this system is truly made for you. It can take care of your teeth as you take care of other businesses. It uses light and heat to give you the immediate results that you want. You simply need to place the whitening gel and lip balm (all is included in the package) on your teeth for you to get started

After applying those products, you are free to turn on the GLO controller and place the mouthpiece on your mouth once you see the light coming from the system. You can then resume to your normal routine like nothing happened. It’s as simple as that, folks. Rinse your mouth and do the procedure all over again four times a day and 7 days a week. You can certainly expect positive results in less than a week. Who would have thought that having a whiter set of teeth was this easy? Well, GLO’s whitener’s system makes it all possible for you. It even provides you with a unique whitening gel that’s made of hydrogen peroxide for you to have nothing but the best set of teeth from now on. This gel is alcohol free as well so, what more can you ask for? This system has everything that you want and will ever need.

What does customers say?

I’m the type of person who wants other people to notice me because of my smile. I’ve already tried almost every teeth whitening product that is available in the market but my extremely sensitive teeth can’t seem to match with all of them. White strips have done nothing to improve my condition and I’m not willing to give them a try again because of my friend’s bad experience. At home trays are the worst products that I have ever bought for myself. They irritated my gums, caused me so much pain and mess. They are not comfortable at all. In-office whitening products were much painful than the at home trays. I never got to complete the treatment with my dentist and it was even difficult for me to breathe after that half done procedure. Amidst all of my misfortunes that I have encountered when it comes to teeth whitening products, I’m just glad that I got to know Glo’s innovative system.

After the last straw at my dentist’s office, I bought this system at Sephora. I went back to my house, unpacked the system and to my surprise, I felt NO sensitivity in my teeth. I followed the instructions that was written in the manual and got the results that I want after 5 days. This system has been superb since day 1 and I’m just completely satisfied with its service. It’s functional and it’s mine to keep for life! I just need to purchase new gel vials every time I want to use the system and it’s truly worth every cent that I have initially paid at Sephora. It’s basically a limitless system and its vials are certainly cheaper than the rates of my personal dentist. I really got a good deal out of GLO teeth whitening product. I can share it with all of my friends and they just need to bring their own mouthpiece for them to be able to use the system. I’m recommending it to everyone who is reading this review.

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