How to lose weight from face

There are only few people who realize that face is also another spot in human body where excess fat is stored. Furthermore, our face is also another bad spot for having ‘extra’ fat because there is no record ever found that proof fat can be hidden at your face. Please follow the steps below to ‘tune up’ your face.

  • 1. Drink at least 9 glasses of water every day, 8 ounces each. You will suffer dehydration if there is not enough water inside your body. In addition, drinking enough water will help your face elastic. If you want some taste, you can try to add lime juice or lemonade.
  • 2. Perform special exercises for your face. You can try to perform the exercises 11x per day, 10 seconds each. Make a strict rule about this point.
  • 3. Eat fruits and vegetables three times a day. They will provide fiber for your body which is very important in protecting your digestion system. In addition, water content inside them can prevent you from bloating.
  • 4. Consume more calcium up to 1,300 mg/day. You can get them from dairy products. If you feel calculating your calcium need is a hard task to do, you can simply choose to eat supplement instead which you can get from nearest drug store.
  • 5. Never drink alcohol because it will dehydrate the body and has very high calories. Furthermore, it can also easily trigger your emotion. The higher your depression, the more easily you will drink it.

At the other side, alcoholic drinks are also considered as drugs. You can be jailed, at some places, if cops get you while drinking this drugs or if there is any solid proof that you have drunk it too often.

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