Why you can’t remember things?

Why You Can’t Remember Things? There are many a time in real life when we actually say something and then forget it the very next moment. This shouldn’t be taken for granted and thought upon as a normal symptom happening out of stress, anxiety or nervousness.

This could be serious in future leading to short term or long term memory losses. The article encompasses to lay out stress on the different reasons prevailing due to which often we can’t remember things.

Relevancy to the Memory

If you plan to lay stress on a certain things such as the bill dates, you might forget your spouse’s birthday making her to get angry and this is actually due to the memory not able to stimulate on what to remember as the stress was laid on the bills.

Remembering Emotional Pain

If you suffered something which keeps bothering you whenever you think about it, then it is quite sure that you’ll forget some other more important things in your life which might have a direct relation to the present. So it is better to forget the past so that it doesn’t haunt you anymore.

You Beliefs And Thoughts

The beliefs and the thought processes surely have a major impact on the wellness of the brain. It means the people who aren’t too sure about certain things shall keep on thinking and remember the things at a much better response time rather than the ones who keep themselves preoccupied!

Subconscious Mind

Sometimes the subconscious mind makes you become a victim of memory loss. This is happening mainly if you subconscious mind isn’t too sure of the decision you ought to take, you might end up forgetting that thing altogether. For example: if you had to meet your friend and forget it, its due t the thing not being acted upon by your subconscious mind.

Unresolved Issues

Certain impending tasks can let you remember that issue or happening till the time it hasn’t been accomplished.

Now, when you understood Why You Can’t Remember Things, learn how to remember what you read

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