Is green tea effective for weight loss?

The effect of green tea on weight loss has always been one of the most beloved question for all those wishing to lose some extra pounds off their bodies. Presence of toxicants in the body is one of the major reasons of fats being stored in the body. This is where green tea works the best.

Real world results have shows that green tea helps a lot in making antioxidants that help the body get rid of unwanted toxins, therefore making the entire metabolic processes work in a better way.

In addition to this, the green tea weight loss methods is effective in controlling the appetite and helping the body burn some extra calories, putting a well rounded effect on the body. Taking green tea before meals helps in reducing the amount of hunger thus resulting in consumption of less food, therefore less calorie intake. If taken after meals, it induces such chemicals in the body that reduce the excretion of insulin in the bloodstream, which in turn reduces the amount of sugars that is converted into fats and then is stored in the body, without any side effects.

Another effective way that green tea helps you to lose weight fast is by making the body producing more heat. This helps in burning more calories off the body than the body would normally do in normal conditions. What this means is that if a person trying to lose weight takes 4-5 cups of green tea daily, he would be burning 80-120 more calories even if there were no physical work being done.


Overall, experiments and results show that green tea weight loss really does work. There are a lot of ways that green tea helps in maintaining a good physical condition, by helping lose weight, increase metabolic processes and decreasing fat storage in the body. However, when coupled with an intelligently planned diet structure and exercise, it can work wonders.

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